Virtues Controlled Vocabulary

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QID The head (general)
Q8844 The head (general)
Q8805 Head pains
Q8871 Migraines
Q8872 Lethargy
Q8873 Induce sleep
Q8874 Induce Sneezing
Q8875 Vertigo
Q8876 Apoplexy
Q8877 Epilepsy/seizure
Q8878 Forgetfulness
Q8879 Frenzy
Q8880 Inflammation of the brain
Q8881 Melancholy
Q8882 Inebriation
Q8883 Phlegm/mucus of the head
Q8884 Fortify the brain
Q12841 Lightheadedness
QID Nerves (general)
Q8845 Nerves (general)
Q8886 Spasms
Q8887 Numbness
Q8888 Paralysis
Q8889 Tremors
Q8890 Flux of the nerves
Q8891 Nerve pain
Q8892 Lesions/wounds of nerves
Q8893 Rigidity/stiffness of nerves
Q8894 Bruised nerve, Swollen nerves
QID Eyes (general)
Q8846 Eyes (general)
Q8895 Swelling of the eyes
Q8896 Itching of the eyes
Q8897 Eyelids
Q9118 Leucoma
Q8898 Scarring of the eye
Q8899 Cloudiness of the eye
Q8900 Wound/ulcer/sore of the eye
Q9116 Tear duct fistulas
Q9117 Bulging eyes
Q8902 Inflammation of the eye
Q8903 Eye pain
Q8904 Vision
Q8905 Bleeding of the eye
Q8906 Rheum
QID Ears and Nose (general)
Q8847 Ears and Nose (general)
Q8907 Ear pain
Q8908 Internal ear inflamation
Q8909 Ear abscess
Q8910 Puss in the ear
Q8911 Ear throbbing
Q8912 Ear ulcer
Q8913 Deafness
Q8914 Ear worms
Q8870 Nose (general)
Q8915 Nosebleed
Q8916 To cause bleeding of the nose
Q8917 Nose polyp
Q8918 Nose ulcer/sore
Q8919 Stench
Q8920 Phlegm/Mucus (catarrh)
Q8921 Cause sneezing
QID Mouth (general)
Q8848 Mouth (general)
Q8922 Mouth pustule/ulcer
Q8923 Breath
Q8924 Roughness of the tongue
Q8925 Inflammation of the tongue
Q8926 Tongue paralysis
Q8927 Lost speech
Q8885 Teeth (general)
Q9122 To clean teeth
Q8929 Tooth pain
Q8930 Break/remove teeth
Q8931 Moving teeth/teething
Q8932 Receding gums
Q9124 "Putrid" gums/bleeding gums
QID Throat (general)
Q8849 Throat (general)
Q8934 Inflammation of the Throat
Q8935 Relaxed uvula
Q8936 Flux in the throat
Q8937 Sore/roughness of the esophagus
QID Chest (general)
Q8850 Chest (general)
Q8938 Coughing/spitting up blood
Q8939 Lung abscess
Q8940 Tightening of the chest
Q8941 Coughing, pleurisy
Q8942 Pain of the chest without fever
Q8943 Inflammation of the lungs
Q8944 Sputum
Q8945 Asthma
Q8946 To purge the chest
Q8947 Flux of the chest
Q8948 General chest discomforts
Q8949 Wounds of the chest
Q12842 Consumption
Q12843 Shortness of breath
QID Heart (general)
Q8851 Heart (general)
Q8950 Fainting, Murmur/palpitation
Q8951 Heartbeat
Q8952 Hardening of the precordium
Q8953 Inflammation of the precordium
QID Breast (general)
Q8852 Breast (general)
Q8954 Inflammation of the breast
Q8955 Inflammation after giving birth
Q8956 Hardening of the breasts
Q8957 Ulcer of the breast
Q8958 To bring milk
Q8959 To stop/prohibit milk
Q8960 Generate a lot of milk
Q8961 Keep the breast from growing
QID Stomach (general)
Q8853 Stomach (general)
Q8962 Vomiting/nausea
Q8963 Flux of the stomach
Q8964 Induce vomiting
Q8965 Stomach pain
Q8966 Acid/indigestion
Q8967 Gas of the stomach
Q8968 Hiccups, Burp
Q8969 Stomach Inflammation
Q8970 Compulsive/over eating
Q8971 Induce appetite
Q8972 Aid digestion
Q8973 Quench thirst
Q12844 Quench hunger
Q12845 Blockage of the stomach
QID Liver (general)
Q8854 Liver (general)
Q8974 Obstruction of the liver
Q8975 Overflow of gall
Q8976 Flux of the hepatic ducts
Q8977 Liver pain
Q8978 Hardening of the liver
Q8979 Swelling of the body
Q8980 A cold liver, Dropsy
Q8981 Inflammation of the liver
QID Spleen (general)
Q8855 Spleen (general)
Q8982 Hardening of the spleen
Q8983 Obstruction of the spleen
Q8984 Inflammation of the spleen
Q8985 Spleen pain
Q8986 Cold spleen
Q8987 To shrink/diminish the spleen
QID Abdomen (general)
Q8856 Abdomen (general)
Q8988 Pain of the colon
Q8989 Pain of the intestines
Q8990 Dysentery
Q8991 Stagnation of bodily fluids
Q8992 Flux
Q8993 Constipation
Q8994 Gas of the intestines
Q8995 Worms
Q8996 Wounds of the intestines
Q8997 Ulcer of the intestines
QID Butt/Anus/Colon (general)
Q8857 Butt/Anus/Colon (general)
Q8998 Anal fissures
Q8999 Anal ulcer/abscess
Q9000 Inflammation of the anus
Q9001 Hardening of the anus
Q9002 Rectal prolapse
Q9003 Tenesmus (pain evacuating the bowls)
Q9004 Hemorrhoids
Q9005 Anus pain
QID Kidneys (general)
Q8858 Kidneys (general)
Q9006 Kidney pain
Q9007 Kidney stones
Q9008 Kidney ulcer
Q9009 Kidney obstruction
Q9010 Provoke urine/Difficulty urinating
Q9011 Bladder (general)
Q9012 Pain urinating
Q9013 Frequent need to urinate
Q9014 Ulcer/wound of the bladder
Q9015 To expel stones
Q9016 To break stones
Q9017 Incontinence
Q9018 Blood in the urine
QID Penis (general)
Q8859 Penis (general)
Q9019 Provoke an erection
Q9020 Increase fertility ("make a man prolific")
Q9021 Prohibit an erection
Q9022 Ulcer of the genital membrane
Q9023 Inflammation of the testicles
Q9024 Itching of the testicles
Q9025 Corrosive ulcer
Q9026 Warts on the foreskin
Q8860 Genital itching (general)
QID Womb (general)
Q8861 Womb (general)
Q9028 To open the womb
Q9029 Menstruation
Q9030 Afterbith
Q9031 For birthing
Q9032 Prohibit contractions
Q9033 To become pregnant
Q9034 Withdrawal a dead fetus
Q9035 Prevent miscarriage
Q9036 purge a women who has given birth
Q9037 Nausea (morning sickness)
Q9038 Inflammation of the uterus
Q9039 Hardening of the womb
Q9040 "Wind" of the womb
Q9041 Coldness of women
Q9042 Prolapsed uterus
Q12846 Prevent contraception
Q12847 Abortifacient
Q12848 Pregnancy (general)
QID Extremities (general)
Q8869 Extremities (general)
Q9043 Gout
Q9044 Sciatica
Q9045 Joint pain
Q9046 Knee pain
Q9047 Joint stones
Q9048 Chillblains
Q9049 Swelling of the feet
Q9050 Cracks in the feet
Q9051 For hands or nails
Q9052 Calluses
Q9053 Warts on the hands and feet
Q9054 Dilation/swelling of the veins
Q9055 Loin pain
Q9056 Sore or blister
Q9057 Hernia
Q9058 General inflammation
Q8886 Spasms
QID Fevers
Q8862 Fevers
Q9059 Tertian, Quartan, Epial, Quotidian, Acute, Intermittent
Q9060 Chills
Q9061 Fever from plague
QID Abscesses (general)
Q8863 Abscesses (general)
Q9062 Gangrene
Q9063 Erysipelas
Q9064 Shingles
Q9065 Night-blains
Q9066 Scrofula (a swelling of the lymph nodes in the neck caused by tuberculosis)
Q9067 Tumors/Carcinoma/Canker
QID Wounds (general)
Q8864 Wounds (general)
Q9068 Burns
Q9069 To stop bleeding (styptic)
Q9070 Destroy blood clots
Q9071 Compound fracture
Q9072 To close a flesh wound
Q9073 Inflammation of a wound
Q9074 Cicatrize a wound (to form a scar)
Q9075 For penetrating internal wounds
Q9076 Ulcer (general)
Q9077 Fistula
Q9078 Joint/bone dislocation/break/pain
QID Poisons/Venoms (general)
Q8865 Poisons/Venoms (general)
Q9079 Bites of venomous animals
Q9080 Snake bites (general)
Q9081 Spider bites (general)
Q9082 Animal bites (general)
Q9083 For all venoms
Q9084 Poisoning from a Plant/mineral/fungus
QID Cosmetic (general)
Q8866 Cosmetic (general)
Q9085 Cleansing
Q9086 Genital cleansing
Q9087 Stop/slow hair growth
Q9088 Remove hair
Q9089 Dandruff
Q9090 To color or enhance hair
Q9091 To kill louse
Q9092 Protect the skin from the sun
Q9093 Clarify the face
Q9094 For wrinkles on the face
Q9095 Sores or marks on the face
Q9096 Sunburn
Q9097 Freckles
QID For the skin (general)
Q8867 For the skin (general)
Q9098 Reduce scaring
Q9099 Skin discoloration
Q9100 Scurvy and Ringworm
Q9101 Pimples/general blemishes
Q9102 Scabies
Q9103 Itching/rash
Q9104 Elephantiasis
Q9105 Warts and calluses (general)
Q9106 Chapped lips
Q9107 Provoke sweating
Q9108 Stop sweating
QID Misc
Q9110 To Purge (general)
Q9111 To purge cholera
Q9112 To purge phlegm
Q9113 To purge melancholy
Q8964 Induce vomiting
Q9114 To purge water of someone with dropsy
Q8868 Syphilis
Q12849 Pain (non-specified)
Q12853 Jaundice
Q12860 To gain or lose weight
Q12864 General panacea
Q12868 Strength (general)
Q12871 General infirmity/Convalescence
Q12879 Old age
Q12885 Venereal disease (undefined)
Q12893 Aphrodisiac